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The amount of interest varies depending on the amount of your deposit
You can make a profit from the broker in four levels:
4⃣ Level four: Bronze
From $ 500 to $ 2499
💳12% monthly profit

3⃣ Level three: Silver
From $ 2,500 to $ 12,499
💳14% monthly profit percentage

2⃣ * Level two: Golden
From $ 12,500 to $ 62499
💳16% monthly profit percentage

1⃣ * Level one: Diamonds
Amounts over $ 62,500
💳18% monthly interest percentage

The minimum investment amount is $ 500 and the maximum is unlimited and you can deposit and earn interest

Pam account broker activity in the Forex market, the largest and oldest financial market in the world with a daily turnover of more than $ 6 trillion
And the profit is the result of the management of the trading plan in this market with the simultaneous activity of the trading robot and the expert team of trading, which is a definitely positive result and the broker shares the profit with the customers.

You definitely have the amount of interest stated in each plan. You have the full principal and interest of the insurance deposit, without receiving any loss.

The broker operates away from political issues and sanctions and is allowed to serve all countries by taking offshore regulation. There is no problem in this field at any time.

Deposits and withdrawals in all international brokers are done through digital currencies such as: Bitcoin, Atrium, Tetra, etc. or electronic currencies such as: Perfect Money.

Pam Broker Holding has been operating since 2010. The existence of more than 30,000 active accounts and $ 90 million in interest payments to customers is a clear and practical proof of gaining complete trust. You can check the broker’s license and regulation from this link
So there is complete security of deposits

You can earn up to 5 levels from the friends you introduced
Level one: 5% of the deposit Level two: 4% of the deposit Level three: 3% of the deposit Level four: 2% of the deposit Level five: 1% of the deposit
* There is no need to create a balance between your subsidiaries. The profit of your collection can be paid in cash and can be withdrawn.

The interest is paid to your account on a daily basis and you can withdraw it or add the interest to the original deposit by internal transfer and receive a compound interest.

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