Earn profit broker robot with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or robots become permanent replacements for humans in various fields of work. In this way, all the work and communication in the world will move forward using technology and there will be no button to stop it, and all companies and brokers will be among the most successful institutions in this field.

Artificial intelligence has one main goal, and that is to produce intelligent machines to be able to perform tasks that require human intelligence. As you know, trading robots must be somewhat close to human intelligence in order to be able to trade efficiently, so artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is used in trading robots.

If we want to have a simpler and smoother definition of artificial intelligence, we say that artificial intelligence is a kind of simulation of human intelligence for the computer.

ALPHA 6 INFINTEBOT trading robot
It will start buying and selling transactions on its own and according to the data given to it. In their calculations, stock exchange robots use a series of algorithms to detect trends and decide when a trade should be made.
Trader robots usually work on the basis of algorithms written by their developers or artificial intelligence.

Our robots also have the ability to work with fundamental analysis. Such robots are more sophisticated and professional than robots that work only with technical analysis because they have to react to news as well as market events.

The use of artificial intelligence can have many benefits and applications for traders. The multiplicity of shares in the market makes traders unable to analyze them, and the use of artificial intelligence benefits makes it possible to analyze a larger volume of stocks and buy and sell, which leads to better trades and higher profits.

There are now thousands of stocks to choose from in the capital market, and analyzing them is very difficult and, of course, scary, but using artificial intelligence, data can be collected in a very short time, according to all stock news in He looked at social media and blogs, tracked thousands of shares in a real-time, and got the best ideas from the process. Therefore, today, the use of this technology in stock markets in particular and capital markets in general is of fundamental importance. For example, a large company such as
Pam Broker, which relies entirely on data analysis based on artificial intelligence, has software called

It monitors the fundamental analysis and technical analysis and the movement of the capital market and provides it to traders, and this robot with artificial intelligence based on the output of this data and the created models can rank the trading priorities and Run.

Fully automated artificial intelligence trading system
It consists of three engines:

A strategy engine that examines and analyzes potential transactions
Even different news (such as news, social media posts and financial statements) examines the investment process by creating a causal understanding of the market, companies and management.
Two – Order engine that generates buy or sell orders and performs related operations
Three – Logic engine that manages active orders and uses machine learning to improve its performance

Wade examines dozens of investment algorithms with millions of different scenarios to identify the ones that make the most profit. Only those strategies that have a success rate of over 92% and a profit ratio of over 2 to 1 are selected and implemented every day.

Benefits of working with AI robots
In the financial and forex markets:

– They never covet to make more profit and work perfectly with the program.

Trading robots never get tired and trade 24 hours automatically.

The Forex trading robot can consider the trading team’s experiences as software programs in future trades.

Robots relieve some of the psychological pressures of business; Robots react faster than humans.
Our trading robot operates with trading signals (for entry or exit) without any interruption. On the other hand, humans may not react or suspect the transaction, the rapid response of the alpha robot is very beneficial in volatile market conditions.

  • Accurate execution of trading strategy through algorithmic trading
  • Market monitoring and quick analysis of even the news
  • Predict the upcoming trend with the help of past data analysis
  • Increase the trading pattern of trading opportunities to have efficient sales
  • Help to have an automated and more accurate process for transactions
  • Enjoy real-time market changes

Using artificial intelligence in forming the structure of this robot, Pam Broker brokerage has been able to make a profit in the global market during the past years with the simultaneous cooperation of the trading robot and the trading team that review and update the robot algorithm every day. To share with our customers and this means a professional and specialized business in the largest financial market in the world …..

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